The Framework

Early Assessment and the Prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation

Teachers and other frontline agency professionals addressing CSE are often daunted by the lack of appropriate materials and lesson plans that effectively engage young people in tackling this complex terrain.   They also confront the difficult task of deciding what level of risk a child might be in and therefore, what educational materials might be appropriate.  The danger is that the lack of high quality content and guidance about how best to use it puts teachers and other frontline professionals off tackling the subject at all.

In January 2012, inspired by using the Love or Lies? pack, a Senior Safeguarding and Education Advisor in the North West, developed a pioneering new framework to assess children’s vulnerability to CSE.  Using a proven risk assessment tool developed by Bolton’s EXIT team, the framework allows a child’s needs to be assessed.  Appropriate educational content is then delivered, including Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre’s ThinkuKnow online videos, Barnardo’s B-Wise to Sexual Exploitation and Love or Lies?  The Department for Education intends to reference this framework as an exemplar of good practice in its next progress report.

If you would like to know more about the framework and how it can be implemented across schools in your area please contact Darren Bristow on 0114 279 4920 or e-mail Darren


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