Current Campaigns

‘My Dangerous Loverboy’


‘The Shocking Truth’

The company’s first project and campaign, ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’, focuses on the issue of sexual exploitation and the internal trafficking of young people within the UK.  Our creative work has inspired others, raised awareness, been in the national/international press and TV and garnered awards and plaudits including short list status in the ‘Best Cross Platform’ category of the Royal Television Society Awards.

We have also established the My Dangerous Loverboy website – a campaign website allowing young people to watch, comment and interact with all the MDLB resources.  Provides links to related materials and news events:


As part of the campaign we put together the pioneering ‘Love or Lies?’ Education Resource Pack a comprehensive toolkit for use with young people in Key Stage 3 and 4, containing lesson plans and interactive resources for use in a variety of settings. Our mission: to get this pack into every secondary school in the UK. In addition to 20 detailed lesson plans and information and exercises for staff, the pack includes hard-hitting multimedia:

  • ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’ – an acclaimed short film, written and directed by award winning film maker Virginia Heath and produced by Grant Keir, [both Directors of Eyes Open Creative], that highlights the reality of grooming, sexual exploitation and internal trafficking in the UK. The film offers a powerful, accessible message to, and evokes a strong emotional response from, both young people and practitioners. [running time 20mins]
  •  ‘Me, Jenny & Kate’ – produced in collaboration with Barnardos, this short animated cartoon tells the real life stories of girls recovering from traumatic relationships.  Distributed via the web and DVD.
  •  ‘Set Me Free’ official music video with over 20,000 views on youtube
Free lesson plan:

To get a taster of this resource you can  download the pack sample (a pdf document with over 20 pages) which includes background information, training materials and a free lesson plan for use with young people at Key Stage 3&4.


Our vision is to distribute the Love or Lies? resource pack to all UK secondary schools, colleges and local authorities as part of the My Dangerous Loverboy campaign. We recognise that this is a growing UK-wide issue which needs tackling now.


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