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NEW: ‘Love or Lies?’ pack reviewed by the PSHE Association

Some of the excellent comments we received:

“Love or Lies?’ helps schools re-balance Sex and Relationships Education so that ‘relationships’ receives more attention. The manual contains background information and a range of student and staff activities with well-defined learning outcomes”

“Intended for KS3 and KS4 students in schools or other settings, the activities are very much about active learning and cover a variety of topics”

“This is an excellent resource which deserves to be made available to schools and youth settings
Read the whole review here

Download our free lesson plan:

To order a pack, go to ‘Resources’ and choose your payment option

To get a taster of ourLove or Lies?’ Education resource for use with young people at Key Stage 3 and 4 you can download the pack sample below (a pdf document with over 20 pages) which includes background information, training materials and a free lesson plan for use with young people. All we ask is that you pay for this sample with a tweet!

About Eyes Open Creative:

We campaign, raise awareness and produce pioneering education resources to tackle social injustices and make positive social change. We do this by producing high quality digital content, such as short films, animations and by using music to communicate to our audiences in an empowering, non-judgemental way. We combine practitioner experience with expertise in digital communication to create impactful, cutting edge educational resources for adults and young people.

What makes us different?

Our activities differ from those of commercial and other not-for-profit organisations in that we engage with young people as intelligent consumers and potential co-creators of the content we make and distribute. Our benchmarks of success are measured in terms of interaction, participation and socially positive outcomes.

Who do we support?

Our audiences are young people, teachers and front line practitioners working with/on behalf of young people and children (youth workers, child protection officers and members of like-minded organisations). We provide exciting resources and front line training to those practitioners who share our create, inspire & change philosophy.

What have we achieved so far?

May 2012 – Our free Lesson Plan, brand new ‘Paper Fortune Teller’ resource and CSE Campaign Poster up for grabs on TES Resources, NEW website to promote ‘Love or Lies?’ launched.

April 2012 – Confirmed attendance at a busy calendar of events and conferences for the spring/summer

March 2012 – New Framework launched in Stockport following  the schools campaign

February 2012 – Eyes Open Creative in the Sheffield Telegraph. Read the full online article here

January 2012 – Our ‘Love or Lies?’ Education Resource Pack receives an excellent independent review from the PSHE Association. Read the review here.

January 2012 – An additional 1000 copies of the ‘Love or Lies?’ pack are printed to meet the growing demand for educational tools about healhty relationships and the dangers of grooming, trafficking and sexual exploitation. Learn more about the pack here

December 2011 – Eyes Open Creative receives a Key Fund grant to help launch the ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’ campaign. Find out about the grant here.

January 2011 – Our ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’ film and the issue of Child Sexual Exploitation gains national recognition in a full-page feature in the Times newspaper.

June 2010 – The ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’  film is nominated for the Cross Media Challenge Award at the Royal Television Society Yorkshire Centre Awards 2010 . Click here for photos.


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